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About bone carving

Date:2013年12月19日 17:39

has a long history. It can be dated back to the Neolithic age. The ancestors struggled against the harsh nature to seek survival, they used the items carved from bones to express a kind of worship to their ancestors. With the change of history, bone carving evolved from articles for everyday use into adornments. Now bone carving has become very delicate handicrafts, there can be words inscribed on bones and through different carving methods, lively three-dimensional figures, flowers and birds, etc. can be produced. Beijing bone carving uses beef bone as raw material and makes bracelets, cartridges, paper knife, etc.

The bone carving production techniques are basically as follows:
1. Select raw material. It is better to use the beef thigh bone, which is a key part for bone carving. Get rid of the osteoporosis parts on the two joints of the thigh bone, the middle part around 13cm long on the 40cm to 50cm long marrowbone will be taken as raw material.
2. Grease removal and bleaching. Use high temperature and physical methods for a preliminary removal of grease, then use chemical methods to remove grease and bleach to extract the grease inside the bone, otherwise, the bone carving product will easily change color or even go mildew, so this is a crucial procedure.
3. Cut the material. Cut the bone material according to product category to be processed as requirements.
4. Produce according to different craft and different categories like character, animal, mountains and rivers, architectures and so on.
5. The items can be tattered and fumigated according to customer’s requirement. The colors include vintage black, teeth yellow, tawny color, yellow, red and other colors.
6. Fining-off after assembly, then the item is completely finished.

The engraving technique of bone carving is the handling skill of character and space in the bone carving creation. This skill mainly shows in the engraving and carving in the sense of cutting. From the outside to the inside, through reducing material step by step gradually dig out and display the images.

How to identify and maintain bone carving product? Now there have appeared many plastic products mimic bone carving in the market, there’s huge difference between their collection values. The plastic product touches little sticky, if to burn a small amount of its scrape, it easily catches fire, while bone products will not. The bone carving products should be dust-proof, and away from big temperature changes from cold to hot or hot to cold. Must not expose it under direct wind, otherwise, the interlocking joints part will easily crack. The bone carving products will become little yellowish for a long time and its color will become closer to ivory.

Bone carving is a mascot popular in Tibet for a long time, it carries the meaning of bringing wealth and blessings, taking good luck and exorcising evil spirits, guarding you with peach and so on. It will bring people with blessings, wealth, career, love, happiness, academic achievement and all other good lucks. It is not only widely known in local Tibet, but also sells well in the whole country, and also is admired all around the world.

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